The unbearable lightness of playing


Hello dear friends!

Last weekend was a wonderful one, as we had a very productive training session. New songs are coming along as surely as the grey skies of Finnish spring. Most of them are still on a working title status where some arrangements and lyrical decisions are still finding their form, but two of them, Bitter Lessons and Safer, Easier have already been played to a live audience.

Bitter Lessons is a personal account about depression and the will to survive that sneaky bastard of a disease.

Safer, Easier reflects on the moral decisions we make during our lives and the basis we have for making them. A fictional story yes, but all too true in the so called real world as well.

In addition to working on new songs, we’ve also gotten our hands dirty with a few old ones. We played a special gig in September where we had prepared two sets, one being semi-acoustic. It worked so well we decided to keep those songs in our repertoire for future shows as well, to show off the softer side of Silentium.

Despite our long hiatus and changes in the line-up it’s been amazing to see how quickly we’ve been able to return to our old dynamic. At it’s best a band is a family. These families stand tall through the turmoils of life and art and find strength in each other and the music they create. I’m proud to be a part of a band that truly matches this description.







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Silence is golden but noise is adamantium


Silentium Live-1781

We might have been gone for a while but trust us, while lurking in the shadows for a few years we’ve come up with some noteworthy material for you to enjoy. Join us on Facebook and be the first to know when a new blog entry has been posted. I solemnly vow to keep you informed of any and all developments of this joint journey of creation and expression, which would be empty if it weren’t for you, our dear friends and fellow Silentians!  ~ Riina

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